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The argon, after unpacked. Beautiful, small dimension and very versatile. Another fine job by Granite Devices:


Since we will use most of the output power available, it is recommended to add a forced ventilation to the units. We had two different sized heat sinks. It was not the perfect job, but it will surly work, as we placed the heat sinks on top of the power stage area and power supply.

Argon heatsink.jpg

The Argons are then placed on top of a support plate (custom made) that provides forced venting and also creates the necessary space for a correct wiring as it was created with pass-though holes, placed near the drives, that allow cables to flow from the drives down to the electrical cable routing distribution. Below this support it was also placed the line filter (more info please browse to wiring).

Argon support plate 1.jpg

Argon support plate 2.jpg

The Argon on the support plate:

Argon on support plate.jpg

  • For a list with pictures of the needed hardware to properly connect the Argons please see the section extra hardware for Argons.
  • To see the tuning procedure please browse to the tuning section.

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