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This section contain some basic information how the electrical cabinet was created. Wiring details is not the scope of this page, but rather to give an insight of the hardware components and how they are organized inside the electrical cabinet.

Electric cabinet case

The objective was to create a good ergonomic working area, where all the devices could be placed in, including PC, drives and high power devices. We decided to construct the full cabinet due to its size as no pre-available cabinet could be found.

To obtain such a movement, we decided based on availability, price and easiness of construction.

  • Material on structure: 1.5mm steel, pre-treated, press braked and welded
  • Material on cabinet back: 3mm steel, pre-treated where all devices will be screwed. Can be fully removed for work outside the cabinet

The electrical cabinet during construction:

Electrical cabinet 1.jpg

PC support

The PC support was also made. The PC support is one part only where all components are fixed. This means that only removing 4 screws, we can remove all the PC. The PC support without the PC.

PC holder 1.jpg

The PC support complete (without the mesa card on the PCI slot)

PC holder 2.jpg

General overview

Next is the hard decisions on where to place the components and to leave some extra space so that we do not forget about anything important. So our pre-cabinet was:

Electrical 1.jpg

We normally try to place the PC as distance as possible from the most current demanding devices, that will most create electrical noise (normally a VFD is one of those devices, that in this case will not be present). The hard decisions are to make use of the available space, to have the cables well organized and to make the electrical cabinet ergonomic. So from left to right we have the PC, the mesa cards and a rack of connectors, the drives and finally on the right space is present to add the electrical circuit breakers and power devices if any.

Mesa card stands

Fixing directly the Mesa cards to the electrical case is not recommended. A stand will provide the ability to pass cables below of the cards, and most important the complete card set can be dismantled just by unscrew the plate. The created card stand is on the pictures below.

Mesa stand 1.jpg

Mesa stand 2.jpg

Argon stands

Since the Argons will play a major role in the connection of electrical cables, it is also recommended that a metallic stand with holes that will allow a good organization of cables is created. On page Argon Drives the stand is shown.

Since the line filter is a passive element, normally without maintenance, it was placed below the metal stand. This provides a good cable organization, although without a good access. Line filter, this is placed below the Argons custom stand:

Electrical cabinet 7.JPG

SimpleMotion V2 break out board on a custom support, that is also placed on top of the special Argon stand.

Argon extra hardware 4.JPG

The Argons with preliminary wiring, showing the metallic stand and simplemotion support.

Argon stand arrows.jpg

Electrical cabinet general view

Electrical cabinet 3.JPG

Picture of the custom stand for the mesa cards:

Electrical cabinet 4.JPG

Argon servo drives mounted on stand with preliminary wiring at a early stage:

Electrical cabinet 5.JPG

24VDC, 5VDC power supply's and circuit brakers:

Electrical cabinet 6.JPG

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