Extra hardware for Argons

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Argon unpacking

Argon servo drive been unpacked:

Argon unpacking 1.JPG

Box content:

Argon unpacking 2.JPG

The servo drive comes with:

2pcs EMI suppression cores and mating connectors for J1, J3, J4 and J5 ports.

J1 uses DB15 male plug, J3 and J4 uses a 3 and 10 pole 0.2" pitch terminal. J5 uses a IDC terminal block, 26WAY.

Recommendation for extra hardware

To use the Argon drives, we also need some extra hardware:

note1 - optional items

note2 - for drive configuration

Argon extra hardware 1.JPG

Power line filter:

Argon extra hardware 2.JPG

SimpleMotion V2 break out board and SimpleMotion USB adapter:

Argon extra hardware 3.JPG