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Welcome to the EuSurplus Wiki page.

The objective of this wiki page is to provide information how to use Granite Devices drives, Mesa hardware and LinuxCNC with emphases on practical aspects. A real setup is created with walk though and detailed images so that new users of LinuxCNC can understand the basic concepts of both software and hardware that a implementation using the selected hardware require. It is not our objective to deeply explain all the concepts and all possibility's in terms of hardware, but to provide information how to set up a working configuration from start to finish. maintains this page and the contents are provided without any implicit warranty.

How to select the correct hardware

There are several important aspects to take in consideration to select the correct hardware. This choice is based on what can be used from a existing machine (for a retrofit using LinuxCNC) or a new build.

  • When the servo motors already exist
  • When servos and drives already are present
  • When no servo or drives are present on the set up (see NoServoNoDrive)

Manufacturer links

Important information

Most of the information contained in this Wiki is directed to the build log that the wiki itself contains. Therefor, some characteristics or features that are not relevant to the implementation on this wiki can be omitted. It is recommended that the original manufacturer documentation is consulted.