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When no motor or drive is present, the user have more choices.

  • Since the Argon servo drive can be used with almost any kind of motor, choosing the Argon is very easy as long the power requirements are met (below 2.0 Kw). The motor technology is currently supported: AC, brushless DC, brush DC and linear motors. Motion control can be of type position, velocity or torque operating mode.
  • Motor: Any of the following motor technologies can be used: AC, brushless AC, brush DC and linear motors. The feedback provided by the motor is also important in deciding what type of control will be used. AC servo motors are often more powerful than DC servo motors and their availability is also very large. If choosing a new motor (and no linear motor is required), the brussless AC servo motor with incremental encoder + index and with hall sensors is our recommendation as it will fully match the Argon servo drive and can take the most from it, keeping the integration simple and fully featured.
  • Mesa: If using velocity control, the most common board is 7i77. This board also have built in encoder inputs, meaning that with only one 7i77 is possible to have full feedback up to the controller if your motors have encoders as the feedback method. When using position control, choose for example the 7i76. Note that this board does not have encoder inputs, like the 7i77 (LinuxCNC will not have the direct feedback from the motor encoders, except if another board is acquired).


The most simple, yet very reliable set up, is the combination Argon + 7i77 + motor with incremental encoder and LinuxCNC controlling in velocity mode. It is at the same time inexpensive and have a full encoder feedback up to LinuxCNC.